Park House Farm is located in the south lakes and covers 650 acres.The farm is run by Paul and Abigail Capstick. Gordon and Mary have now officially retired but still play and integral part of the day to day running of the farm.The family have been at Park House now for over 30 years. Paul works on the farm together with one member of staff - David. The farm has five enterprises, beef cattle, sheep, a milking goat herd, 'Pick Your Own'and a beautiful 16th Century Wedding Barn. The beef enterprise is built round a hundred suckler cows, mainly stablisers, which were bred in America for their easy care and eating qualities. There are 1000 ewes who lamb mainly suffolk but with a couple of texel tups. The 'Pick Your Own' started back in 1983. It started in the two acre walled garden at Levens Hall as nothing grew there but nettles. Discussing it one day, Gordon suggested a PYO enterprise and the venture started off with a bang. After considerable research the family bit the bullet and put in nine more acres at Park House Farm.The pick your own produces strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries. Paul and Abi decided to add to the mix a small milking herd of Toggenburg and Alpine Goats as when their twins came along they were intolerant to cows dairy! They now thrive as do the rest of the family on lovely fresh milk straight from the goat!


The farm also provides a function venue in their 16th century Wedding Barn, available May - December and is fully heated by Biomass

Mary and the dog- Meg
Gordon feeding the cows